About Indian Institute Of Paramedical Sciences

As we move further into the 21st century we find that India has made considerable progress in the field of health as evident by large hospitals complete with the latest technological gadgets and infrastructure. In addition, a boom in the health sector not only in India but also globally, has created a tremendous demand of skilled medical and paramedical staff all over the world. India has become the largest provider of paramedical staff internationally. Paramedical staff is the most important integral part of any health system required for its smooth and efficient functioning. Having realized the need of qualified paramedics in the field of health care we have ventured to start an institute known as Indian Institute of Paramedical Sciences with City Hospital & Trauma Centre being the attached hospital.

The hospital is 60 bedded with modern amenities and facilities. It is well equipped with all modern gadgets and latest technologies backed by team of erudite, experienced and well qualified doctors.

The hospital is well acknowledged for its advanced orthopedic surgeries. It is one of the pioneer centers in U.P. in the field of joint replacement, trauma and endoscope surgeries. With more than 600 surgeries being done in a year.

To cater for the operative load this hospital has fully functional three-operation theatres equipped with all modern and state of the art operating gadgets. Basically having started as a trauma centre and later having diversified to all field of specialization, the hospital has a large number of patients coming for Physiotherapy. Institute is equipped with all modern Physiotherapy gadgets and experienced faculty, to handle the full load of indoor and outdoor patients numbering more than 50 per day.